About Us

TVTyme.net is a venue for sellers and buyers to offer and purchase merchandise and services online. The offer or merchandise may be in the form of actual material items, or services of personal and general nature. It facilitates the transactions without both parties even knowing or meeting each other. What this means is the buyers are able to obtain merchandise in the comfort of their homes, and the sellers are able to realize the expected values of their merchandise or services. .

Be it a simple garage sale, seasonal sales, sale of dwellings, rentals, automobiles, boats, pedigrees, job search, finding a mate, or anything capable of being the subject of a legal transaction - TVTyme.net is here to facilitate the exchange. And most important, through the descriptions of merchandise or services in the TVTyme.net listings, buyers are able to make decisions comfortably while the sellers are able to decide whether to accept or reject an offer.

TVTyme.net offers two options for selling and buying merchandise or services: 1) through the listing facility in which merchandise is offered to someone who comes across and make an offer, and 2) through the auction facility in which one or more buyers try to outbid each other for the opportunity to buy a product. Job search, finding a mate, and other services of personal nature do not belong in the auction facility.

TVTyme.net services are offered world wide. With its global presence buyers and sellers from every listed country have the same opportunity to buy and sell products, as do buyers and sellers from the same town or city. Travel agencies, cruise lines, airlines, shipping and trucking companies, warehousing companies, the tourist industry - these are just a few beneficiaries of TVTyme.net services. As the classifieds and auction listings are populated, TVTyme.net will be even more diverse and responsive.

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